You Need These Superfoods to Keep Your Immune System Strong

By Kia Weech

Don't you work at having the best health you can? Most of us do. There's nothing wrong with this. For this reason, we work out as much as we can. It is why we do our best to eat balanced and nutritious meals. All day long, we make it a point to keep water handy so we are assured of drinking enough to keep from becoming dehydrated. These are simply part of the life we must lead if we want to keep our health.

Will this be adequate when flu season is upon us and everyone is getting the sniffles? Are the people at your workplace or school coming down with colds? Are you trying to avoid them so you don't get sick? If you know how to strengthen your immune system, this is when to do it. Below are some superfoods you can include in your diet to help protect your health.

One surprising food - at least to me - that is a superfood is turkey! Did you know that? Sorry vegans and vegetarians, but this is the truth. While most lean cuts of meat are good for your overall health, turkey is set apart because of its high levels of glutamine. Your white blood cells depend on glutamine to maintain their viability and health. Another benefit of eating turkey is that it helps raise your T cell count. This is another important factor to the health and strength of your immune system.

There are many types of T Cells, which are activated by zinc. T-cells are important because they help keep the immune system strong. You can easily consume 17 milligrams of zinc with just 100 grams of wheat germ. This is more than enough to keep your body healthy. A variety of dishes lend themselves to having wheat germ added. It's easy to sprinkle some of it into your food. Wheat germ has a nice, delicate taste and enhances anything it is mixed with or sprinkled on. Here's a superfood that's easy to add to your daily diet and will super-power your immune system and promote its health. Drink tea every day. Obviously when you want to stay healthy, you need to drink a lot of fluids. If you make it a habit to drink about 2-1/2 cups of tea daily, your body will produce the extra interferon required by your T cells for their health. What the interferon does is surround the T cells so they cannot be attacked by various germs and bacteria that can lead to illness. Any tea you drink can help with this, but there are other benefits, as well, if you drink an herbal tea.

A surprising superfood that a lot of people don't know about is the herb peppermint. You may be surprised to know that peppermint is a great source of phosphorous, magnesium, and calcium. These are three very important nutrients necessary for keeping your immune system strong and healthy. One of the nicer things about peppermint is that it is really easy to eat. You can enjoy a nice cup of mint tea at the end of your day. Snack mints - which you can find at your super market - are great to eat and good for your breath. It gives an added perk to salads. When you are making a stew, it makes a great addition to the flavor. There are so many ways to use peppermint. It is very versatile. If you like the cool taste of peppermint, buy a bottle of peppermint essential oil and use it whenever you get the urge.

Garlic does more than protect you against vampires - just kidding. It's one of the best immune strengthening foods you can eat. Sure it's smelly but it is packed with immune boosting compounds. If you really want to benefit from the nutrient dense garlic cloves, it's better to eat them uncooked. It may seem strong, but if you want the best results, just chop up a fresh clove and swallow it down. If this just isn't possible, rather than skip adding garlic to your meals, use it in the foods you cook. The benefits to your immune system will still be there and your food will taste great. Garlic is great so don't skimp on using it. The more you can consume, but more advantageous to your health.

You will find that many foods are available to you that can be called immune system superfoods. So, the choice is yours. You already know what you have to do to eat a healthy diet, so why not make it even more so by adding superfoods to the mix?

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